Defendearth is my own take on the 2D space shooter game as seen in the Unity course.

Menu navigation:

  • mouse


  • move: left/right arrows
  • shoot: space bar

The ship sprites are my own creations.

Other assets, other than music, were either inclued with the project's assets or downloaded and usable for free.

All music included in this game is under copyright from SEGA.I do not own the rights to said music and do not intend to make any money from it. It is used as a nod to a game series that is very dear to me and that I still play regularly to this day. The game UI is also a nod to said game series.

As for the game itself... well, pilot ship, shoot other ships, score points, avoid lasers, have fun!


  • v1.01 (2017-11-29):
    • fixed a number of UI issues related to screen resizing

Install instructions

-The game is playable through your browser, although a WebGL is not available at the moment (I ran into some issues while upgrading to Unity 5, my bad).

-A standalone version is also available. Unzip, run .exe, have fun!

(the Quit function only works within the stand-alone version)


Defendearth (standalone) 22 MB
Defendearth v1.00 (standalone).zip 22 MB

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