Glitch Garden

This is the fifth project developed as part of the Complete Unity Developer course from GamedevTV on Udemy; it's in the vein of games like 'Plants VS Zombies'.

I didn't feel like customising this one too much (and that's why it only has 3 short, easy levels), but I still added things here and there and learned a lot making it, which is the whole point of the course.

It's also the first game I got to run natively on an Android device, which is a huge step for me. Web, PC, Mac & Linux versions are also available. No iOS version at the moment though (and likely ever) as I don't currently have what's required to get an iOS version running.


-menus: mouse

-selecting/placing units: also mouse

-Jerry: a mouse

[UPDATE 2018-04-14 - v1.1]

-'Quit' button added (all versions updated accordingly)

-Browser version upgraded to Unity 5 and switched to WebGL

Install instructions


  • unzip
  • run executable
  • have fun!


  • activate Developer mode on your Android device
  • activate USB debugging in Developer options
  • activate Untrusted sources (trust me, I'm from the internet)
  • download apk (PC or android device)
  • install from destination folder
  • run the app
  • have a banana milkshake, although blueberry is just *chef's kiss*
  • have a nice day
  • oh! Also, have fun!


Glitch Garden v1.1 [PC-Mac-Linux] 31 MB
Glitch Garden v1.1 [Android] 38 MB

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